Utmost freshness of sunflower for teasing taste and healthy heart

With Sun Premium edible Sunflower oil, we have packaged the perfect combination of health, taste and freshness to turn every kitchen and cuisine into a celebration of food with health, taste and joy. Sourced from the highest-quality and well-grown sunflower seeds and processed in conformance to international standards, Sun Premium Sunflower Oil today offers utmost health advantage and unmatched taste value leaving an indelible mark on every taste bud. Endowed inherently with high nutritional value and low-cholesterol features, Sun Premium is today fast-becoming first and a favourite choice among households as well as discerning F&B brands.

Sun Premium Sunflower Oil is the flagship edible oil brand of Mangaluru-based Sri Anagha Refineries Limited, a name that carved a niche for itself in processing and distribution of Sunflower oil synonymous with health, taste and nutritional benefits.

With zero odour, less colour and presence of polyunsaturated fats that take care of your heart, Sun Premium Sunflower oil promises a healthy diet without compromising on the taste and freshness factors. From a signature Indian street snack to the classic Oriental cuisine, Western fast food delicacies to a traditional South Indian meal, Sun Premium Sunflower oil enriches the taste of every dish of the globe with a smile of taste radiating on every happy face.

Foodie Buddy



Tipsy Tasty

Sun Premium Sunflower Oil with Endless Advantages

  • Less is more

    A few drops make it big for cooking large-quantity dishe.
  • Chef’s own oil

    Chefs’ first preference, theme restaurant or food court.
  • Cost & quality

    Attractively priced and packaged.


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