Ideal oil for healthy heart &



Finest quality, raw materials
or processing ...



Inherent strength of
natural vitamins ...



Savour the original flavor
of the dish ...



Cook more with
less oil ...



Eat healthy, eat fresh
& stay fine ...


Unmatched in offerings

Sun Premium is the result of our persistent penchant to produce high-quality and healthy sunflower oil that not only retains nutritious value and taste factor, but also gives the best value for money and health. With Sun Premium, you just have to add a little less oil than what you imagine, yet cook a sumptuous and lavish spread.

Taste factor

Suits every cuisine type owing to its lightness, zero colour, zero odour and near-zero taste, sustaining the natural taste, aroma and character of any dish; It is in fact most favoured for salads, bakery and fried items

Largely versatile because it suits any kind of dish from snacks to main course dishes

Health benefits

  1. Rated safest because of its 100 percent polyunsaturated fat that lowers cholesterol levels
  2. Excellent source for linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid needed for the human body
  3. No fatty acid, which implies no smoke while frying
  4. There is no foaming owing to the absence of gums
  5. Wax-free and contains Vitamin A, D & E


SunPremium Sunflower Oil is the naturally processed light and nutritious cooking oil. With vitamin  A, D & E makes it the best sunflower oil with polyunsaturated fats that lowers cholesterol levels